Sustainable Energy Services Afghanistan (SESA)

Sustainable Energy Services Afghanistan (SESA)
Energy for tomorrow

Sustainable Energy Services Afghanistan (SESA) is Afghanistan’s largest renewable energy company with a track record of successful projects.

SESA is an Afghan-registered company that specializes in community electrification projects. Our core business is the design and implementation of turnkey renewable energy systems using off-grid wind, hydro-electric, solar, geothermal and biogas for businesses, communities and government-owned facilities.

Our approach to rural electrification is to engage communities in forming isolated grids managed by local utilities within the communities.

With 23 full-time staff, SESA has proudly completed the 100-kW Panjshir Wind Power Project and the 105-kW Sayed Karam Solar PV Project, as well as two 20-kW wind/solar hybrid projects and small-scale electrification of clinics, schools and orphanages.

SESA understands that isolated communities need energy to develop and expand their economic base. At the same time, it is SESA's firm view that these isolated networks must be built to a high construction standard in order to survive the harsh Afghan environment.


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